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Who we are

Who we areComparefromus.com is one of the most comprehensive informational price comparison shopping engine websites in the world to go compare the market place to find the best deals on a wide variety of products and services with the aid of editorial reviews and customer reviews to help you make an informed decision as well as save you time and money.

Our team is made up of talented researchers who have a strong passion for finding the truth. Our experienced team spend many hours researching a given product category. We have also teamed up with a number of independent money saving experts from different industries who contribute to many of these product categories.

The combined knowledge of our experts and the information we collect from each product forms the basis of our reviews. Moreover, we conduct hands-on testing by actually using the products that we review in order to provide effective product comparisons.


What we do

What we doComparefromus.com provides its customers access to a dataset of products, and services made available online by vendor partners. Comparefromus.com is a price comparison and product review platform and is not an online shopping site. It is not possible to order any products or services directly from Comparefromus.com  itself. Please read our general terms and conditions.

At Comparefromus.com you can go compare the marketplace and buy a wide variety of products and services in various categories including health and fitness; art and entertainment and much more.

Comparefromus.com provides a better way for you to shop online. Most people shopping online go from store to store to find the best deal they want at the best price. With thousands of online stores to choose from, this process can be quite tedious and time consuming. Comparefromus.com allows you to search for the products and services you want, conduct a price check, comparing them across several stores or websites and at the same time, compare them for product quality and prices and thereby saving you time and money.

We aim to continuously improve our product offering, so that we are always at the forefront of the comparison industry and helping you to make an informed choice.


Who we work with

To ensure that you find the best deals or hot deals at the best price, we work with a range of trusted providers to provide a broad range of products and services across the marketplace.


Other resources

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