This Beauty of Food Review is of the beauty guide by Hanan, a Natural Beauty Consultant who revealed how to improve the skin of the face, neck and hands by simply using food products and items that you already have at home.

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Beauty of Food is based on ancient beauty practice from Asia, Persia and the Middle East. The guide dispels the effectiveness of expensive creams, lotions and oils that most women spend so much of their money on. The guide show how you can achieve the same or even better results from items and products that you already have in your own home.

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The Beauty of Food provides many beauty answers which include – food you can use topically on your skin to reduce the look of aging skin and improve skin tone and tightness; how to slow down the aging process; how to reduce skin wrinkles; East European secrets to improving hair texture; what to use to make your hands smooth and soft; what food to eat to improve your skin.

Beauty of Food

Beauty of Food offers women the means to benefit from beauty treatments that are both natural and affordable. The guide helps you save time on your daily beauty regimen, simply by following the advice and tips that are provided. You can take comfort in the knowledge that a natural beauty routine does not have to have a long list of ingredients found in high-end expensive creams and lotions.

Beauty of Food

You’ll find that it’s never too early or too late to start taking care of your skin, and the beauty advice can get you started. The beauty tips in the guide is perfect for both women and men. It retails for a cost price of just $17 US dollars and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee for 100 percent satisfaction.

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Beauty of Food

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