This Dr Drum review is about one of the best recording software Dr Drum, the music software, beat maker and beat making software program that enables you to make your own beats from your personal computer even if have no previous experience with a music recording software. It has a graphic user interface GUI that is completely user friendly and easy to learn.

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Dr Drum beat maker is a full-fledged high quality beat making  music software. As beats you create with this music creator will be of the same high quality standard as those recorded in a professional studio. Furthermore, there is no similar music editing software of this quality and capability to make your own music on the market and available at a price that just about anyone can afford.

Dr Drum Software

With the growth in demand for DJ’s competent with DJ mixer software, many of them have become musical artists in their own right. Training to become a good DJ used to take many years of hard work which required learning how to use a music mixer, music editor and other equipment, but now with the advent of a relatively cheap and easy to use system such has Dr Drum, anyone can become a DJ in just a few weeks with your very own DJ software. This program brings the recording studio directly to you, helping you to create unique and creative beats right from your laptop!

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The Dr Drum beat maker owes its success to its affordability and ease of use compared to similar programs on the market. Similar music programs in the market sell for several hundred dollars or more, and are a lot more difficult to learn. Moreover, there are many other inferior beat making programs on the market that make use MP3 samples, which are compressed, and produce low-quality finished recordings. If you’re looking for high quality sound at an affordable price Dr Drum is your best option.

Dr Drum Drums

Dr Drum is compatible with both Windows and OSX, so you can use the program on just about any computer system in the market. The digital electronic hardware the program comes with a impressive keyboard synthesizer that plays in four different octaves, a 12-pad drum kit and a 16-track music sequencer, just to name a few. Best of all, once you’ve created a track you can export it directly to a 16-bit WAV file for industry standard high quality sound.

Dr Drum Sequencer

You can create limitless types of music with Dr Drum such as dance, grunge, house, hip hop and so on with the music program. Using the keyboard you can add wind instruments, strings and piano variation to your tracks with ease. Every sample you create will be of a professional musical quality. With the sound sequencer, you can easily create different instrumental tracks with different instruments and put them all together.

Dr Drum 3 Steps

The impressive features list includes the following:

–          Video tutorials

–          Track import function to use your own sounds

–          Track export to 44.1 kHz Stereo.wav

–          Huge library of sounds and samples

–          Multiple editing screens

–          Compatibility with PC and Mac

For anyone or aspiring DJ who wants to create their own sounds without spending hundreds on recording software, Dr Drum is your ideal solution. You’ll be amazed by the quantity and quality of features you get for merely a cost price $29.95 US dollars. You get a full professional level tool set for beat making right on your own PC or Mac. Best of all the music you make with the Dr Drum will be of the same high quality as that made in a full featured music mixing studio.

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