The Fat Loss Factor Program Review is of  the weight loss program that will help you decide if the Fat Loss Factor scam is true or not. Read this review to decide if to buy Fat Loss Factor and if it will help you learn how to lose weight quickly from the healthy living, diet and weight loss and nutrition system by Dr. Charles Livingston a qualified Chiropractic Physician, Fitness, Weight Loss and Nutrition Expert.

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The Fat Loss Factor program involves the following:

–          A strategic 12 week program that shows you the right food to eat for a healthy diet plan.

–          Muscle development methods using body strengthening and exercise to rapidly speed up the fat burning process.

–          A fat loss guide about motivational weight loss methods.

First 2 weeks:

The program begins with a 2 week detox period. This initial 2 week period is used to completely remove harmful toxins from the body through a process that makes the fat cells in the body shrink. This is achieved by the consumption of natural organic products such as vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and raw seeds.

Once this initial 2 week period is completed, the body starts to display signs of significant fat loss, making the body’s immune system grow stronger with increased energy levels. Moreover, this will reduce the craving for unhealthy food.

On completion of the detox phase, the Fat Loss Factor program regular phase begins.

The regular phase involves the following:

–          Drinking water regularly to help rid the body of excess fat,

–          Light workouts that prepares the body for physical training,

–          Metabolic boosting workouts three times a week,

–          Mind preparation for fat loss to help motivation and stress avoidance,

–          Regular meals and smaller meals each day,

–          Food to avoid and food to eat for fat loss.

The Fat loss Factor program explains in detail the fat loss maximizer products that are good for diet and weight loss and what food causes your body to gain weight.

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What does the Fat Loss Factor Program contain?

The program contains a complete resource guide consisting of the following:

–          Starter guide

–          Fat Loss Factor program eBook

–          A complete set of master cleanse videos

–          Monitoring and tracking exercise log

–          Complete workout guide eBook

–          15 minute sample workout videos

–          Set and monitor goals guide eBook

–          Recipes and groceries eBook list

Fat Loss Factor Program

How do you Gain Access to the Program?

The Fat Loss Factor retails for a cost price of only $47 US dollars and comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with the program for any reason. When you place an order for the Fat Loss Factor program, you will receive an email with your receipt which also contains a unique link to download the program. If you did not receive an email, check your ‘Junk’ email folder.

Simply follow the download link which takes you to a special member’s area where you can download the product straight to your computer or eReader such as a Kindle or iPad and get started straight away.

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