Forex and Binary Options Trading

Are you looking for the best forex and binary options trading platforms? At we have compared and reviewed extensively all the top forex and binary options trading platforms from all the biggest publishers on the World Wide Web. We have brought together a complete set of information on all the top forex and binary options trading platforms such as Binary Options Pro Signals; Fap Turbo; Forex Magadroid; Forex Trendy; Option Bot; Pipjet etc. all compared and reviewed for you here as shown in our top picks:

Binary Options Pro Signals
Binary Options Pro Signals (PBOS) is a trading signal service that provides trade signals to its customers to help them profit from trading binary options for currencies, commodities and indices. The PBOS system allows you to make up to 75 percent per trade without the use of complicated formulas, systems or robots.  PBOS is for anyone who wants to start making real money on the stock market. It is suitable for you even if you are an absolute beginner and have never made a trade in your life. The cost price for this service is only $97 US dollars every 2 weeks. Visit Website >>
Fap Turbo
Fap Turbo is a self updating real money trading robot created by 3 self-proclaimed tech geeks. The best part is Fap Turbo is a 100 percent automated Forex money machine and it is the only one with live proof. Unlike many other Forex bots and trading systems Fap Turbo has live proof of turning a 5,100 US dollars real money deposit into 42,500 US dollars. This is unique in the industry because Fap Turbo creators used real cash for this demo. The cost price is just $149 US dollars a one time payment. Visit Website >>
Forex Megadroid
Forex Megadroid is considered one of the best solutions for those who want to trade on the forex market with the help of sophisticated software and little human intervention. It was designed for people who have absolutely no experience or knowledge of forex trading. It is a complete “Plug and Play” concept. Moreover, it is the only product of its kind currently on the market boasting such accuracy as 95.82 percent winners since 2001. This retails for a cost price of just $97 US dollars. Visit Website >>
Forex Mentor Pro
Forex Mentor Pro is a professional forex trading mentoring service designed to make even a new trader become consistently profitable through the forex trading course. The course comes complete with step-by-step tutorials and videos that are easy to assimilate. This innovative Forex Mentor Pro program now makes it possible for anyone who wants to learn how to become a profitable forex trader do so. The initial trial cost price for this is only $1 US dollar and gives you 7 days full access, thereafter, you only pay $49.95 US dollars per month. Visit Website >>
Forex Trendy
Forex Trendy is a forex software solution that helps avoid buying and selling during uncertain market conditions. It helps pick the best trending pair in the current time. This smart and simple to use software can enable you to improve your profitability. It uses no indicators, but the trend is dependent upon pure price action. Forex Trendy rapidly scans 34 forex pairs on all time frames as of minute to monthly. That’s 34 x 9 = 306 graphs. Forex Trendy analyzes all the graphs for traders every second. With this method, traders obtain the most excellent trending pair and time frame at any time they desire. The cost price for this is only $37 US dollars every quarter. Visit Website >>
Microcap Millionaires
Microcap Millionaires is a penny stock newsletter that shares great penny stocks to invest in. This gives you an edge over the traditional way of creating your own strategy. Most penny stocks that you are recommended are under $0.20. Microcap Millionaires searches for the next big trade that will make big buck for you. They scour undiscovered stocks and then analyze them to figure out if they are worth your money and time. This is retailing at the cost price of just $49 US dollars for a limited time only. Visit Website >>
Option Bot
Option Bot is a binary options trading platform. Binary options are used by traders to make a decision as to whether the asset is going to go up or down for a fixed profit. Option Bot promises to limit traders risk and constantly make profits when trading against trends. The cost price for this starts at just $97 US dollars. Visit Website >>
PipJet is a forex robot software for automated currency trading. PipJet focuses on the USD / CAD currency pair traded in the Asian market to take advantage of the "night uptick" strategy. PipJet runs on the popular MetaTrader 4 trading platform, so it is compatible with many of the popular Forex brokerages. It uses a tight stop-loss strategy in an effort to exit trades quickly if they start losing money. The cost price for this is just $97 US dollars. Visit Website >>
Quantum Code
Quantum Code is a binary options software created by Michael Crawford. The software sends signals when it has identified a position for making a profitable trade. Micheal Crawford states that it can potentially make you at least $1000 every day. This makes the Quantum Code one of the best solutions for generating a passive income from home. There are courses and educational materials available which show traders how to capitalize on this highly lucrative market. Visit Website >>
Trade Miner
Trade Miner is a trading software that automatically detects trending stocks through the use of artificial intelligence and mathematics. There are three versions of the software to trade stocks, futures or forex. The software generates buy and sell signals and informs you of the optimal stop loss or profit margin to take on a stock. You can use Trader Miner for short term swing trading as well as long term investing. Trader Miner allows you to scan the entire market by month or by symbol in all three platforms, stocks, futures and forex. The retail cost price for this starts at only $97 US dollars. Visit Website >>