Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 Review is about the bodybuilding program designed for “hard gainers” who want to learn how to bulk up and gain additional pounds of muscle mass. It’s a very practical muscle building program made up of actionable steps to learn how to build muscle mass without the boring jargon.

Muscle Gaining Secrets Program

Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 was created by Jason Ferruggia a well established figure in the fitness industry. Jason specializes in strength and conditioning, with varied clients from all sorts of professions and ranging from athletes all the way to movie actors.

Muscle Gaining Secrets Dead Wrong

Muscle Gaining Secrets begins with a short introduction and some body building principles. The introductory sections give you a brief overview of the author’s background, his own struggles with muscle gaining, through to his journey towards fitness success including his fitness inspirations and influences. Following this, you proceed to the muscle gaining principles which aim to prepare you for the main workout plans for the program.

Muscle Gaining Secrets Before and After

These muscle gaining principles include topics on the significance of physical strength training as a way to break your body’s homeostatic state, a chapter on training intensity and the seven important factors of weight training to gain muscle mass. Following this is the meaty workout plans portion of the muscle building program.

Muscle Gaining Secrets Worksheets

The workout section lasts for 90 days – 3 phases at 4 weeks per phase – and works like any typical exercise plan. There are exercise charts that list – in sets-reps-rest format – every workout that you will be doing during every day of the different exercise phases. You’ll also be presented with a description of each workout mentioned in those charts. Apart from these charts, there are additional notes that are intended to supplement your workout sessions such as how to warm up properly and a section on particular stretching techniques.

Muscle Gaining Secrets Testimonial

After this meaty workout and training sections, you’ll be introduced to several chapters on some supplementary fitness topics such as recovery methods, supplementation’s, nutrition plans designed for muscle building, having a training partner including using music for training with a Frequently Asked Question section.

Muscle Gaining Secrets Bonuses

Lastly is the conclusion plus additional information about the author to finish everything up. The basic package cost price of only $39.95 US dollars with a 60 day money back guarantee for your complete satisfaction.

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