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BTV Solo
BTV Solo is an exceptional beat making software made for beginner and intermediate use. It will help you turn your Mac or PC into a recording studio and produce incredible dance, house, hip hop, rap, r and b, jungle, rock, pop, and reggaeton productions using nothing other than your computer keyboard. You will learn to produce music with step by step training videos and live support from real producers and engineers. Hook up MIDI controllers, pad controllers, connect to sound modules, and more. Learn to perform live remixes and mashups with live muting and soloing of your tracks or your pads. Use built in pitch and modulation wheels to add subtle note bends or dramatic pitch changes to your production, or manipulate the parameters of BTV SOLO's phasers, flangers, compression, limiting, mastering, and more. BTV Solo beat maker retails for just 39.95 US dollars. Visit Website >>
Dr Drum
Dr Drum beat maker is a beat making software helping music enthusiasts create custom, professionals beats without the need of any costly professional DJ equipment.  It enables customers to produce the highest quality studio sound with a user-friendly interface that doesn’t require extensive technical skills. It retails at only 29.95 US dollars for a limited time only. Read The Full Editorial / Customer Reviews or Visit Website >>
Jamorama is a leading guitar lessons course that helps you learn how to play guitar and provides the most complete step-by-step procedures and tutorials that include famous songs and jam tracks. This course provides beginner guitarists with a structured guitar lesson for easy playing. Learn to play the guitar at a cost of only 49.95 US dollars a one time payment with 5 additional bonuses. Visit Website >>
Piano For All
Piano For All is a piano lessons training specially designed for people who want to quickly learn how to play the piano and then to follow up into learning progressions and chords. This piano lessons course teaches you different techniques, chords, styles and progressions. You will discover the basics of Jazz, Blues, Ballad, Classical and some other contemporary styles. Learn to play piano with Piano For All for just 39 US dollars. Visit Website >>
Rocket Piano
Rocket Piano is a piano lessons course for anyone who wants to improve or learn how to play the piano playing skills and techniques. Whether you are beginner or advanced player, this online piano lessons will teach you how to play piano with new piano skills and methods. Rocket Piano lesson program covers everything you need to know about playing the piano and offers instructions for beginners, advanced play, finger techniques and exercises, as well as piano lessons on how to play various music genres. Learn piano with Rocket Piano at a cost of only 39.95 US dollars. Visit Website >>
Singorama is a complete singing lessons course developed by professional singers and performers. It offers a very effective way to learn to sing by improving voice quality. It is intended to help aspiring, novice and even professional singers to sing with a full vocal range and hit notes with harmonic perfection. It is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to sing like a professional. It does not require any singing knowledge or coach or many hours. Learn to sing with Singorama at only 99.95 US dollars. Visit Website >>
Sonic Producer
Sonic Producer one of most effective digital music beat maker software programs available on the market today. If you are intending to make your own beats, then this beat making software will make it easy for you with its many distinct features. Learn how to make your own music with Sonic Producer at just 34.99 US dollars, a one time only payment. Visit Website >>
Superior Singing Method
Superior Singing Method is a singing lessons training course that will help you learn how to sing better - the proper way through the modules that come with it. All the things that you are required to do in the modules are intended to improve your voice and your ability to sing. The Superior Singing Method will teach you the right techniques in properly achieving the right notes when you sing. Learn to sing with Superior Singing Method for just 97 US dollars for a limited time from the original price of 297 US dollars. Read The Full Editorial / Customer Reviews or Visit Website >>