The Paleo Recipe Book theory stems from the idea that most of the chronic medical conditions we have in today’s society are down to poor diet and nutrition. Created by Diet and Fitness Expert Sebastien Noel, it argues that our ancestors ate a very natural and unprocessed Paleolithic diet and that they were healthier because of this.

Paleo Recipe Book

The downloadable eBook has 370 pages of easy to make Paleo recipes. The layout is very fresh, and the simple instructions are very easy to follow, even for the most inexperienced cooks. There are loads of exciting and tasty Paleo recipes designed to make sure you don’t get bored with the Paleo diet plan. As we all know, sticking to the same boring foods over and over again is a recipe for a diet disaster.

OMG Thats Paleo

There are no ‘toxic’ foods in these Paleo recipes. Only the natural ingredients that your body was designed to consume. The Paleo recipes use a mix of meat, eggs, fish, fruits, vegetables and nuts. There are no grains or processed foods, as these can be detrimental to your diet, and can contribute to health problems.

Paleo Meal Plan

The Paleo diet plan aims to make sure your body is at optimal health. It claims that following this Paleo diet plan can improve your weight loss, energy, sex drive, good sleep, vibrant complexion, and provide an increase in strength and endurance.

There are stunning recipes for dishes such as bacon wrapped scallops, and cranberry muffins.

Paleo Recipes Bonus

The downloadable eBook has sections for everything from main courses, to dips and condiments. There’s also a guide on where to find the best ingredients and wholesalers online. There are bonus features if you buy through the official website too. There’s a quick and simple Paleo meal plan, for food on the go.

Lastly, and perhaps the main selling point of this eBook, is that it retails at the cost price of only $27 US dollars and comes with a 60 Day money back guarantee. Now there’s no excuse not to give this amazing recipe plan a go.

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Paleo Recipe Book
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