“Text Your Ex Back” is about the best-selling eBook by Michael Fiore a relationship and romance expert. The idea is based around the use of certain kinds of text messages which have the desired effect of helping you to get your ex girlfriend back or get your ex boyfriend back following a relationship breakup. Michael Fiore refers to the idea as the ‘best of the relationship’ text messages which are texts that are worded carefully to open up your ex to the idea of reconciliation.

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In his eBook, Michael Fiore shows people why text messaging is a very effective tool in reconnecting couples following a break up and how it can be used to heal a broken relationship, resolve problems in the relationship and ultimately help create a stronger long lasting relationship.

One of the hardest things when trying to get your ex back is getting your ex into conversation mode. However, the great thing about texting your ex back is that it can help you slowly rekindle your relationship with your ex with the use of specific text messages designed to invoke certain positive emotions in your ex partner.

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Michael Fiore shows how sending text messages to your ex is a much more effective way of getting your ex back rather than talking over the phone or face to face. Another benefit of text messaging is that you can plan beforehand and be certain about what you have communicated to your ex, unlike in the case of a face to face or phone conversation where you are more prone to saying the wrong things which can ultimately harm your cause.

Other systems out there claim to offer “step-by-step” guides on how to get your ex back, but, fall short when it comes to actually showing you in practice how to go about getting your ex back. Michael Fiore’s system on the other hand shows you exactly (in simple practical steps) what you have to do to get your ex back. All the work is actually done for you: The program provides you with exact texts messages that you can send to your ex, so you don’t need to worry about saying the wrong things.

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The system itself contains a great deal of useful material, which is organized in small “modules” that you can easily understand and start putting into action right away. The Text Your Ex Back guide contains the following step-by-step instructions:

  • How to start communicating with your ex in the most sensitive way via text messages
  • The exact text messages that you should be sending to your ex in order to win him or her back
  • The exact messages that you should be sending to get you ex thinking more positively about you more often
  • How to get your ex to rethink their decision in breaking up with you in the first place
  • How to get your ex to talk about their true feelings for you instead of using meaningless words
  • The type of text messages that you should avoid and that may hinder you in the process of getting back with your ex.
  • How to maintain a positive loving relationship after getting your ex back using text messages.

and much more!

Finally, the Text Your Ex Back system only cost a one time fee of cost price of $47 US dollars and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, so if you are not fully satisfied with the program for whatever reason, you can always seek a full refund within 60 days of your purchase.

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